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Guest House Yukari is an interactive guesthouse operated by university students.
It open in November 2017.

There is an exchange space where non-guests can enter and go in and enjoy exchange with university students and locals.

Every weekend event is held there, and a lot of people gather.



The building uses the old good Japanese house built in 1945 as it is and ingenuity of that time can be seen in places of the building.

You can sunbathe on the “Engawa”(open corridor),stroll around the city for a walk, or experience a quiet living in the country.



It is a good location just a 2-minutes walk from Yamuramachi station on the Fuji Express line.

Free coffee and tea are available in the shared space.

We are preparing things to enjoy including many books and hammocks. Dinner will guide you to a secret hidden shop in Tsuru.

Tiredness of the trip can be healed with a sento that is loved locally by 3 minutes on foot.

Access to World Heritage Mt. Fuji, Oshino Hakkai, Kawaguchiko, Hakone is also a good location.



Why do not you spend a special time warming your heart for a while, that you can experience only in that place, by our guest house Yukari?


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You can use it freely depending on you, such as spend time after school, tea ceremony with friends, co-working space, exhibition space such as your original works, event planning.

Business hours: 13: 00 ~ 22: 00



1-3-4 Kamiya Tsuru City Yamanashi prefecture

Check in 5 pm.~10 pm.

It’s about two hours from Tokyo by train.
It’s about three hours from Haneda airport.
It’s about one hour and half to Mt.Fuji by train and bus.